Hey, I'm Josh, a freelance Graphic Designer & Hand Lettering Artist
dedicated to providing superlative & cost effective
design solutions to elevate your brand's visual presence.


view my editorial design portfolio

view my editorial design portfolio


To create a visually harmonious piece of editorial design, the balance between text and image must be seamless. A stunning piece of editorial design can really help to promote a good quality piece of content.

view my hand lettering portfolio

view my hand lettering portfolio

hand lettering

There's a hand lettering revolution going on. People are enchanted by the authenticity and imperfection that only hand drawn lettering can achieve and this will improve your customer engagement.

view my logo design portfolio

view my logo design portfolio

logo design

An exceptional logo is the starting point of any brand. It allows a brand to be recognised, instantly. It gives you a great opportunity to visually represent your company through one visual graphic.

Describe - Josh Stevens Design


Once you have got in contact with me, I strive to establish a smooth process for the both of us. This begins with phone or email conversations regarding your project, your aspirations, budgets and any other ideas you may have. This will help me to get a clear understanding of what you need and how I'm going to get you the best possible outcome.

Design - Josh Stevens Design


After consulting with you about your requirements, I will then begin the design process (this is where the fun starts). I will discuss deadlines and time limits with you so that you are always aware of when you will receive any design developments. I like to keep clients updated throughout the whole process as this results in a very personal and unique final design.

Deliver - Josh Stevens Design


I will take on all of your feedback throughout the design process and this should lead us to the visualisation of your thoughts and ideas. Upon completion and final sign off of your required designs, I will send you all final files in your desired formats so you can use your brand new designs both online and offline. Hopefully this will make you one happy client.